Friday, February 20, 2009

Well Hello Everyone!

Sorry to have taken so long to get back to this blog! It's been a crazy couple of weeks and between sleep deprivation and 4,356 things to do, I haven't been as diligent as I intended. My sister in labs, Joan over at tagged me with an Honest Scrap award:
I can't for the life of me get the darn think to link here, but as I understand it I am to list 10 honest scraps about the blog and I. I may to go over the 10 so I can hit all the Sundancer gang and then kids and spouse and me. Let's see:

1. Max and Ruger have the nasty habit of being coprophagiacs -the delightful habit of occasionally eating poop - not their own but the other dogs. We scoop daily and if its a weekend twice a day! ICK!

2. Cassie and Champ - the two gorgeous blonds that were chosen to be show dogs, have the knack of sitting or laying in the most unattractive positions. Cassie rocked back on her haunches with her tail between her legs in front of her and Champ with his belly up and curled to the side like the letter C. Silly dogs!

3. Sammie and Addie are obsessed with the cat - they watch her through the door of my daughter Tabitha's room and should she deign to come visit us common folks in the rest of the house, they follow her verywhere! Granted, Leila loves to tease them and will lay there and wave her plume of a tail and say "can't get me 'cause the gate is in the way!"

4. Copper loves the laser light, he will chase it up, down and around in circles until he is so dizzy!

5. Latte has a fetching problem - or not? She says, "You throw it, I fetch it - what problem?"

6. Ellie is so stinking smart she gets into trouble - she also has opposable thumbs, how else could she open those baby locks on the pantry to get into the dog treats?

7. Sig is a sweet, mellow boy whose favorite chew toy is Momma Cassie's ears - she puts up with it and never swats him for it!

8. My 2 pearls, one black and one white - are Justin and Tabitha.

9. Darling Jeffery and I were married in the middle of jury duty - on our lunch hour. The bailiff and the judges scretary were our witnesses - then I went back to jury duty and Jeff went back to school!

10. I believe in human kind - I wear my rose colored glasses every day!


So the past 2 weeks were absolutely insane: the weekend of the 7th was the AKC hunt test at Buckeye Recreation center with the Copper State Hunting Retriever Club. ( We left home at 4:45 AM and got home at 10:45 Pm that evening. It was great fun - Jeff and Latte got their first leg toward a Junior Hunter title, Tabitha got to do a demo with one of Ms. T's dogs, Tio and is now looking forward to training her own dog Sammie for the fall test. I helped marshall, direct traffic and rebird for the next dog's test.

Here's Tabicat and Ms. T's Tio ( showing the water retrieve.

And Jeff and the Latte girl going for the second bird on the land retrieves:

Then the 9th was supposed to be the first day of class for the obedience class I teach with Cactus Canine Center ( and it was so incredibly cold and windy (we had snow in the valley late that night and next morning!) that we registered people and sent them home until the next week. Tuesday was registration for our club's other class, but that was at least inside so we didn't freeze our butts off as bad! Then the usual work, school, bowling, personal dog training - oh yeah and all that household stuff - cleaning and laundry and food! This week we had class for real on Monday and Tuesday to help out the first week, then all the rest as well. Thank goodness it's Friday and I can take a breath!

This week is a short week as it is Rodeo weekend in the Old Pueblo and all the schools are out on Thursday and Friday. Tabitha will probably be having a friend over for the weekend and I am going to try to tackle the tax return. O, Horrors!

Maybe we can talk sense into our government and get them to send the 300 and some odd billion dollars directly to Joe Taxpayer. Just think what the economy would do then - sure a lot of us would pay off our homes and credit cards, but wouldn't that get the banks out of their mess? HMMM? And I would certainly but a new car - so would most of the folks I know - gee, that would help the auto makers and their mess. And everyone I know would go out and buy something totally frivolous like a flat screen TV or an RV or make home improvements - Let's talk about stimulating the economy Mr. President and members of the House and Senate -- a stinking $600.00 rebate doesn't help squat! Ok, off the soap box for now!

Our deepest sympathies to the families and friends of the folks on Continental Connection flight 3407. Being in the industry makes this all the harder to hear.

And last, but not least this week - a view of togetherness as I see it!

Max and Ellie March 2008, Ellie is 4 weeks pregnant and both of them qaulified in
Rally Novice, Max got his 2nd obedience title at 10 1/2 years young!

Tabicat and the Ruger taking a nap under the pool table - the Eukanuba dog show was on an they just weren't that interested! :o)

The beautiful Cassie and Sammie, very good friends and love being together!

Sig, Ruger and Addie had been playing hard and are catching up on sleep!

Champ (Chomper) and Ruger (Raptor) are taking a break to watch Mom work at the computer. In the kids animated movie Land before Time, the T Rex baby is called Chomper and next to the GSP babies Champ was huge, hence he was Chomper. Ruger, however could alway hold his own against the bigger Chomper, so he became the smarter thinking Raptor from Jurassic Park.
Funny how my mind works!

That's about it for this week! Thanks for checking in with us! Take care of each other!

Peace and love,

Momma Teece


  1. Good - I was wondering if you were going to start a blog. It's great seeing all the pictures!
    I got a visitor from Australia to Jack's blog from here. Isn't it amazing?

    Hope all is going well!


  2. Glad to hear from you - hugs to you and a butt rub t Jack!

  3. We've been going to the dog park (Udall or Reid Park) and Jack has found several puppy friends to play with. It seems to help when we get home! :)

  4. Do you ever feed your dogs green beans? Raw or cooked?

  5. Tha gang likes them either way - best seems tobe steamedso they are still crisp, then cool to room temp. Carrots and green apples (both raw) are great for them as well!