Saturday, July 11, 2009

July is here!

Howdy All!

I have been playing way too much Farm Town on Facebook! I even want to harvest the farms I drive past on the way to work! My carbon gardens are driving me nutty - so messy! LOL! The 21st of June was Max's 12th birthday and the 5th of July is Ruger's first! The little dude and the old man! Ruger is now taller than all the labs and weighs in at 61 pounds! But as you can see below he is still a tall and sleek looking guy. He has done so well in obedience and now has his PAL (Purebred Alternative Listing) from the AKC so we will be doing some trials with him this fall! We will also be taking him out to the field this fall to learn about birds!

Speaking of gardens - some of the first fruit of our labors: carrots, radishes and snow peas.

The fun of Arizona is that it does cool off later in the evening, Sammie and Latte are out with us chasing sticks:

While the storm is headed our way:

And we let our latest visitor go free! He was sitting in our carport when Jeff came home on Monday night. He walked past him in the dark twice and then turned on the light in our carport and there was an Arizona Sidewinder! He was a little guy, only about 16 inches long and so very cool-looking (except to my reptile fearing friends, sorry Joyce and Judy!) Jeff caught him with the snake stick and we set him free to about 5 miles away in the Ironwood National Monument that runs behind our house.

So never a dull moment around here! We have our share of Colorado River Toads (also very posionous and dangerous to the fur-kids) but have been fortunate with only 4 rattlesnakes in the 3 years we have been here.

It was a nice quiet 4th, a pool party with friends, Jeff was on call servicing AC and had to leave but we did bring hime home BBQ chicken and desserts! :o(

The next few weeks have 2 obedience graduations, and August 3 is the first day of school (already, EEK!) Talk to you again soon!

Peace and Love,

Momma Teece