Friday, March 6, 2009

Howdy from Arizona!

Hi All,

It has been the warmest couple of weeks, 2 Mondays in a row with record highs of 91! In February and March - I change to shorts every night as soon as I get home! WHEW! The furkids have their pool back and boy are they loving it! Addie and Sig where very interested and had no problems getting in and getting wet. It helped that Copper is a water baby extraordinaire - he gets in while the pool is filling!

They all had a grand time and can now cool off during the day with these 80's being the normal high lately.

Hoping every one back East and Midwest has dug out! I am planting the garden this weekend, have to get the lettuce and peas and spinach in as they don't do well in hot weather. The beans, tomatoes, peppers, cukes, pumpkin and melons are outside to get used to the weather and will go in tomorrow or Sunday. Then we have to convince DJ (darling Jeffery) to get the fence up to keep the dratted rabbits out!

Ruger has 2 weeks to graduation for obedience, Champ is in week 4 and doing much better this time around. Ellie is going back to the Rally ring the 21st of this month, we are hoping to finish her Rally Advanced title and we will give Champ his first shot in the conformation ring! Wish us luck and if you are in Tucson, we will be at Rillito Park both days of the Canada Del Oro show! We will be taking the babies, Sig and Addie to the CDO fun match in Sahuarita the 28th of March and we are hoping to get to Phoenix in April for the Kachina Kennel Club match! Spring is always busy with shows, Arizona is too hot in the summer and we may be very warm in 2 weeks at the park!

Take care of each other!

Peace and love,
Momma Teece


  1. Where is the CDO fun match? I would love for Jack to see his brother and sister again (and his grandma!) :)

  2. The fun match is at field #1 at Sahuarita Park and is on Sunday the 29th at 1:30. There is a show earlier in the day as well, but I think we will just do the later one! We would love to see you and Jack as well!

  3. That's perfect! We have training on Saturday, so Sunday works out really well.

    It's only about 25 minutes for us to get there. We both look forward to seeing the whole gang.

  4. So today (Friday, March 13th) it's 37 degrees F (supposed to hit 40s), but it's gloriously sunny with AZ-like clear blue skies. This is MY kind of weather (I'd take this year-round if I could). Once we hit 60s it gets too hot for me (yup, you read that right -- 60s). The canine crew is happy as all get-out; it's perfect weather for them. I don't even give a rip about the mud from winter thaw. ;o) It's just SO nice to have the sun and the cool, crisp air.

    Hey, I just checked Jack's blog -- wow, he's gorgeous -- I love that blocky head and short snout. He's from Champ's litter, right? You must be delighted.

    Anyway... I just thought I'd let you know I was thinking about you (and my 3-day migraine is finally gone -- ouch!). I hope all goes well Monday! :o)

    Will call soon!