Saturday, January 31, 2009

Beautiful dogs and Silly Pups

Last week we had the joy of watching one of our very own babies for the weekend. This is Tia, from our Cassie and Admiral litter in August. Right behind her is Momma Cassie - boy, they are both so beautiful. As I watch the Eukanuba Dog Show I am amazed by all the varieties of dogs and how beautiful they all are - much like us people, all different but all wonderful in own way.

Now and then I notice how silly we all are as well. This is our GSP (German Shorthair Pointer) Ruger and I sharing a share. Notice the silly boy has all four feet in the air and his head hanging over the arm of the chair. He is the most lovable, goofiest boy ever!
And here is the darling Addie - 5 months old and wanting to step away from the crowd to sleep in peace.
My "Bubbie" Max, was so worn our chasing the ball and keeping up with the babies - he just zoned out in the kennel and grumbled at anyone who came near. I feel for you Maxie, I am getting those old bones myself. Everyday with my old man is a gift, the average age for a Labrador is 10-14 so I treasure every moment.

This is the scene in my kitchen when the lab bomb went off! :o) The only one missing is Ruger, but then I said it was a lab bomb!!! LOL

This is our handsome Copper Top boy from our sister-in-lab Joan at, we have the Copper Top from her Elsie and Ridge litter of 2007 and she has Tuc from our Max and Ellie litter of May 2008. She's one of the few who truly understands the lab obsession!

This is the gorgeous Cassie girl again with a much more attractive picture of the Ruger boy. We will be taking more pictures of Ruger in the future. As a purebred rescue he qualifies for the AKC PAL (Purebred Alternative Listing) registration and will be able to compete in all AKC performance venues from obedience to hunt tests. Ruger is a very smart cookie and we can't wait to show him off to the world. I had heard that GSP's had a bit of an attitude and might be difficult to train - imagine my delight to find a charming, willing little dude to work with!

This week has been busy and next week is worse, with the homework load of a 10 year old in a very academically minded school, work, labs and preparing for the obedience class I teach in (gulp) 10 days I haven't had time to get any other projects done. Oh well - live is full and I'll keep in touch!
Let's hear is for the ARIZONA CARDINALS - 60 years of waiting and we are here - it doesn't matter if we win or lose - we are HERE! If you break out the brews for the bowl - stay home or call a cab - no one can replace YOU!
Till next time,
Peace and Love
Momma Teece


  1. Cardinals? Nah... Go Steelers! ;o) (from your SIL in PA). :o) Great pics! luv ya! ciao

  2. Tag! You're it... we tagged you at Labtails. :o)