Saturday, September 5, 2009

People, let me tell you 'bout my best friend...

Maxamillian of Junction Creek CD,RN,CGC


Ten and a half years ago we brought home a gorgeous fox red labrador named Max -

yesterday he left us to join his buddy Cody at the

Rainbow Bridge...

We brought Max home in December of 1997, he promptly lifted a leg in the house, growled at Cody and had a little sheltie mix called Penny bite his nose to teach him who was boss.

I thought - Holy Cow, what did I bring home?

Did I mention he loved the bed? For the next 10 years he slept next to the bed 'cuz I was not sharing my bed with an 85 pound galoot - Jeff takes up enough room! I will always look before I put my feet down in the middle of the night!

He loved water - from Tabitha's kiddie pool to the CAP when we were out hunting!

Max was a tough dude, he beat cancer and valley fever. We dealt with his behavoir issues (he was dreadfully unsocialized) and taught him manners and obedience. He learned to share his life with other dogs, cats, a teenage boy named Justin and a very active baby girl named Tabitha.

Out hunting with Latte!

One of his grandsons, Winston

His first leg of his CD, 1st place at the Sheltie Specialty!

Did I mention the ball obsession? The football was his alone - as none of the other dogs could get their mouths around it - and boy could he go long!

Oh and food! Oh my - there isn't anything he wouldn't eat!

And he knew how to scratch his back! And he would grumble and groan while he did it!

Even at 12 years old, he was very handsome!

But he leaves me a lovely legacy, this photo has his son - Champ, his granddaughter - Sammie, and daughter Cassie.

I miss my Maxie terribly - he was a challenging, intelligent, loving lab! He got his first title at age 9, proving that you can teach old dogs new tricks. He sired his first litter at 8 years and his last at 11 - 32 lovely puppies and 23 grand puppies that are now bringing joy to their families.
He was tormented by his ladies, his babies and our whole family.

He tolerated us and returned our love wholeheartedly.

He was my bubbie boy - and my grumpy old man.

He was my leg lifting, mad-dog ball retrieving, rabbit chasing, bird crunching


He was one of the finest dogs it has been my pleasure to know!

Love you man - see you at the bridge!

Peace and Love,

Momma Teece