Friday, January 16, 2009

A little about me!

Happy Friday! This is a new effort for me, I built and maintain my own web site: , work full time, raise and show my Labs, and have 2 kids and a husband to tend to as well. This blog will be about life and labs, with the good, the bad and the ugly all talked over and commented on. I am a forty-something tail end Baby Boomer and have opinions, jokes and stories to share. I talk a lot about dogs (of course!), and will touch on a lot of current events, dumb things people do, and anything else that catches my fancy. I love puns, so beware I tend to use them often as they make me giggle. Silly jokes are meant to be shared and with a 10 year old daughter I have more than I care to at times.

My current 10 (!) Furkids range in age from 11 1/2 to 5 months. I have 3 obedience titled dogs and am currently showing 1 in the conformation ring (think beauty pageant for dogs!). My hubby hunts upland birds with our older 2 labs and we are exposing the little ones to the job they were bred for! We work with all our puppies and dogs to be the best they can be, all have regular veterinary checkups, shots and are micro chipped. All the dogs go through an obedience class between 5-8 months and we are pleased that all but our youngest are AKC Canine Good Citizens. For more info, see My girls only have 2-3 litters and the are spayed after they are done being Moms. I feed everyone Purina Pro Plan, with the appropriate supplements. Good food is good for both the dogs and you - a premium dog food makes your dogs coat shiny, keeps them healthy with the required diet and since they absorb the nutrients better, less poop to scoop! Hurray!

The dogs are: Max at 11 1/2, my grumpy old man and bubbie; Latte (like the coffee) at 4 1/2, hubby Jeff's hunting buddy and jumper extraordinaire; Ellie at 3 1/2, the ever curious George in our bunch; Cassie at 3 the gorgeous yellow girl, Sammie at 2 1/2, Ellie's daughter and even smarter than Mom; Copper from Joan at, at 16 months, full of energy and probably the next hunter; Champ at 8 months, Ellie and Max's son, next to go into the conformation ring; Ruger is 6 months old and is our German Shorthair Pointer rescue; and last but not least Cassie's babies from August, Sig and Addie at 5 months old. Max, Cassie, Copper and Champ are yellow labs - Max is the darkest shade of yellow, know as fox red. Cassie his daughter is the lightest shade, know as cream. Copper is not quite as dark as a fox red, but is a what I call caramel, and Champ is a mid-yellow with close to fox red ears! Ellie, Sammie, and the babies Addie and Sig are black, and our Latte is a chocolate lab. Our GSP Ruger is liver colored with a ticked flash on his chest and 2 feet.

Oh, did I mention the cat? One lone kitty, Leila, my daughters snuggler and foot warmer. Leila came to us from the pound at 9 months, abandoned by her owner when she got pregnant. Now spayed and well fed, the skinny domestic short hair kitten that we picked up is now a stunning long haired tortise-shell cat! Wow. what 6 months can do for a rescued animal!

So, while I do breed - that horrible thing that all PETA and USHS folks think is awful - I take great care of all my dogs (oops, and cat!) and rescue when I can. Health testing is done on all my gang and my contract states that I will take back at ANY time a puppy that does not work out for ANY reason! Here's my take on the folks who say spay and neuter - don't breed; I want dogs to be a part of my life and if we spay and neuter everything - where are the dogs? and cats? Something to think about!

So a picture of the gang last spring - I will add more of the rest as time allows.

From left - Copper, Sammie, Max, Latte, Cassie and Ellie

Let's raise a toast to the pilots at USAir - good job, guys. Thanks for a GREAT save! To the folks in the mid west and east coast - stay warm. It's 74 here ;0) !! Have a great weekend - be kind to one another!

Peace and love,

Momma Teece


  1. ohboyohboyohboyohboy! Momma Teece has a BLOG!!!!! ohboyohboyohboyohboy! Now we get see how she and the gang are doing in AZ! ohboyohboyohboyohboy!

    And now we get to have a place to glean from her many insights and wisdom and to chuckle along with that fabulous sense of humor of hers. Ohboyohboyohboyohboy!

    Can you tell the Labs are rubbing off on me?

    You GO girl! :o) I'm tickled for you. I can't wait to see what you do with it.

    Now I have to go add you to the blogroll over here. :o)

    Joan (LabTails)

  2. Wow, they are all different colours! They look gorgeous. I have one yellow lab, a boy. They would have to be the best dog you could ever have. We love our Darcy to bits!